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London Update 1

London BoundThis last week and a half have been a blur. Colleen rode the bus with me to O’Hare. It was so hard to leave her cute, loving, encouraging face. I don’t know what I would do without her support in chasing this dream of mine. The bus ride was great with her. Traffic unfortunately was not. Thankfully I still had enough time to make it through security and check my bags. Turns out you can only have 50lbs in each checked bag now. I was forced to redistribute some weight between my two bags right in the middle of the airport. That or pay $50. Seeing as though I was only 6 pounds off the mark, I couldn’t really justify the cost. That’s like 25 quid! I’ll need that later!

IMG_5550I flew on Air Canada. The flight leaving from O’Hare was very smooth and short. Arrival in Ottawa wasn’t all that great though. Despite it being a registered connection flight, we were all required to retrieve our bags and then re-check them in. Maybe this cuts down on baggage lost? Or maybe it’s just another security check. I was a little worried it would cause too much delay between flights, but our flight out from Ottawa was delayed about 30 minutes before we could actually board. Things were looking just fine.

When I had originally booked my flight, I was able to pick out a nice window seat. 29A or something like that, but upon receiving my boarding passes I realized they switched my seat and put me in 39K – the absolute last seat right next to the airplane bathrooms. I was a bit bummed about this so I nicely explained my situation and asked the check-in attendant if there was anything she could do. Right in the middle of explaining to me how there was a last minute, unscheduled plane change and how booked the flight was, something must have gone off on the screen because she quickly asked if 24A would be alright, and not to be rude and rush me but it would probably be gone in a matter of seconds. Unhesitatingly I said “Yes please!” and I was back in action. This seat landed me next to a Canadian guy named Lee. He was pretty excited as it would be his first trip out of the country. In true Canadian form, he was incredibly friendly and incredibly chatty.

Our flight delay didn’t stop there, however. One of the passengers went missing despite her bags being checked and on the plane. This resulted in about an hour and a half of searching for her, removing her baggage from the plane, and then finding her in the terminal lost but ready to go. Her bags were then stowed again and we were finally off.

IMG_5539As our plane made its way around the tarmac I peered out the window at a bizarre scene. One of the terminals was in shambles. Wires hanging out everywhere, construction vehicles cleaning up. It definitely looked like something went terribly wrong at that terminal no more than a day ago. Further along on the side of the runway lay a carcass of a plane. The windows were covered over and it looked as though the engines had been shorn straight off the back. I can’t say for sure, but it makes me wonder if all of this doesn’t add up to the unscheduled plane change the check-in attendant had briefly mentioned. I was suddenly even more thrilled that I was not sitting in seat 29A on the mystery plane.

The plane change also meant more leg room. Instead of an AirBus, we were on a newer Boeing with in-seat entertainment and head supports. (This is something I may have to get installed in my car back home… hehe)

LondonBound-1After arriving completely jet lagged in London at 8AM (2 hours late) I made my groggy way to Dan’s flat. I had enough time to catch a nap. That night we went out for dinner at one of his friend’s places. He made us some sort of Shepard’s Pie. It was really good! Some sort of ground turkey baked with mashed potatoes on top with a thin top layer of cheese. Halfway through eating his two sons arrived and immediately asked if Dan and I could do the Fargo Wisconsin accent. I can’t say I’ve ever been requested to speak in an exaggerated Wisconsin (Minnesota/Canadian) accent in my life. They were laughing pretty hard at the interaction and even called the act “brilliant!”. I was thrilled hehe.

The session that night, at least what I remember of it, was really fun. I had a chance to play a mandola, mandolin, and banjo. Jet lag got the best of me though and I found myself nodding. It felt good to finally get some proper sleep that night.

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The Small Hills of Offaly

It’s been about a year and a half since I’ve last written. A dear friend of mine and I just got back in touch and one of the first things she noted was that my personal blog had become stagnant. Indeed it has. In fact it closely speaks how this last year and a half has been counter productive for my creativity. I haven’t even picked up my camera in that amount of time either. This is another issue that I am attempting to remedy.

I’ve met dead ends with my music, photography, writing, and traveling in 2007. It hit even harder when I went to my photo collection to try and put together a “This Year in Photos” collection for 2007. I came up with a sad group of 32 candidates of which I wasn’t all that happy with.

Just JD365-1a couple of nights ago I reconnected with my friend Julie and had a chance to officially meet her friend Rachel. Both have wonderful energy about them and they convinced me to start shooting again by joining a flicker project called 365 Days. A project with a simple rule: One self portrait every day for 365 days. I think it’s a great excuse to bring the camera back out, and it may indirectly spur some more writing as well. As soon as I figure out all the nooks and crannies of Flickr I’ll integrate it into my blog for good measure.

Happy New Year seventeen days late! It’s never too late to make new resolutions.

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Dead Cold Silence

There are very few times that you can go somewhere and feel like you’re absolutely alone on this planet. As the cold months approach more quickly I can’t help but think back to the moment I stepped foot into the freezing plane that is Russia last January. Minus forty degrees centigrade is pretty impressive and surprisingly bearable. For two hours at most that is. It hardens you and makes you appreciate our warmer Wisconsin winters and even more so our ability to have reliable heat in our homes.
During our trans-siberian train journey, Rachel, Nat, and I found ourselves planted in a town called Litsvyanka – home to the world’s deepest body of water Lake Baikal. In January, at minus forty degrees, Lake Baikal is frozen through to about three meters. Cold steam and powdered ice float across the frozen lake creating a very surreal landscape.

We decided to hike across the lake for the experience. No wind barriers and a large block of frozen ice below, it is probably the worlds largest open air freezer. Twenty minutes into our hike our hands and toes became numb and painful. To keep from becoming meat popsicles stuck to the lake we had to jog the length of the it to the nearest building – shelter – anything! Jogging was a necessity as the circulation to your feet and hands is not enough to keep them from frost bite despite having layers of clothing (i.e. everything we had in our travel bags).

One of the most interesting feelings while trying not to freeze to death was that of the bizzarre quiet the absence of humanity creates. We were the only three people crazy enough to be out at the lake at this time. Add the muffled sounds of our boots coming in through our bundled up heads and it feels like you’re in some sort of dream land that doesn’t really exist. Despite being labled as “crazy” and “insane” I would love to revisit during the bitter cold just to have that surreal intensity again.

A foreign land, a foreign landscape, and a foreign temperature. Of course the locals see it as normal, but we don’t have anything like that in the U.S. to compare it to.

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Local Boutique’s

The MSO invited me to shoot behind the scenes at the fashion show last Friday at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Photos are available in the gallery.

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Catching Up (Part 1 of 24442)

I dug up some pictures from the ever growing (12GB+ at this point) folder of images that I need to process.

My cousin Hannah turned 4 in February!

In April my little brother turned 18! No so little anymore I suppose. 🙂

Also in April, I participated in the Cancer Walk/Run with Missy and gang to honor our passed friend Josh. It was so gorgeous out afterwards so I walked around town for a while.

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Shanel Is Shamazing

I had the opportunity to photograph the Shanel Regier fashion show at Tangerine this past Friday. After attending their first show in front of the Lela Botique it was really exciting to be see how far this has come already! The models were even more superb this time around and of course my camera has since been upgraded making the even that much more exciting! 😉 The place was packed by 8pm and the show went, from my point of view, with out a hitch. Afterwards I had the pleasure of meeting Shanel herself. She was a joy to talk to and be around, a very genuine and warm person.

More soon! Enjoy the pics!

2 comments May 8th, 2005

Quester Dinner

This weekend we had a Fun Club style dinner with the gang. Thanks a bunch to the Gray’s for hosting the party at their beautiful Cedarburg home! As usual my posts are far and few between and the pile of pics in my ‘please process’ folder is growing. I did managed to squeeze these out this afternoon though. 🙂 Enjoy!

1 comment April 5th, 2005

Snow Trip 2005

About 13 of us went up to Indianhead Mountain Resort last weekend for snow boarding and skiing! The trip was fantastic and the company was even better.

Don’t hesitate to leave comments in the gallery! 🙂

Your All Star Lineup!
Jacob – he pushes vans, takes pictures, and is quite the light weight
Matt – plays guitar, giggles like a school girl, and catches an edge like a champ
Jamie – total cutie, irreplaceable, determined, party starter
Andy – amazing snowboard instructor, plays guitar, hilarious
Dave – loves mayo, and sandwiches, and jacob
Dylan – awesome photog, plays guitar, inspires back breaking snowboarding
Brooke – awesome, speedy on skiis, drunken obsession with belly button
Nate – daaaamn funny, great hair, crazy mutha on the snow
Gordon – Mr. Suave, the coolest aussie in the midwest
Kristin – sweetie, giggles, wears victoria secret everything, cuts it up on skiis
Dhaval – determined, master skiier, super computer nerd
Jamie – kicks jacobs ass, kicks gordons ass, kicks everyones ass
Brenda – loves to sleep with chairs, sidekick to jamie’s ass whoopin

We split up into two vans. Matt, Jamie, and I were very late leaving as usual (well not usual for Jamie), however!! so was everyone else! HA! After thinking we held up the whole trip, somehow we managed to run out of gas about 1/4 mile from a gas station in Madison! I jumped out and pushed for a while before Matt jumped out and joined on the hard part. Jamie took up the wheel and we glided safely into the pump. We all rendezvoused at the Student Union to look up directions and collect our thoughts. We gloriously set sail for Michigan at about 10PM.

Pictures are up everyone! Release the hounds!

1 comment January 13th, 2005

New Year’s

New Year’s Eve was a blast! Thanks for throwing an awesome party Nate! I had such a great time with everyone, thank you for bringing in the New Year with me!

We also had a little follow up at Dave’s on New Year’s Day. I can’t wait for our ski trip!

Happy New Year everyone, that’s all for now.

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Taylor’s Holiday Bash

I went to Taylor’s Holiday bash last night! It was great! Never been there before, but it’s a pretty happenin place! And the best part was unexpectedly running in to Hayley! I haven’t seen that girl since Christmas last year! Holy exclamation points batman! Her cute new boyfriend was there too, the guy is awesome. He’s my new friend now Hayl, hear that? mine. hehe.

I also took some random photos of the nativity set at home.

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